the vodka

LISCH vodka originates from an old town located on the southern shores of lake Vänern, called Lidköping, or Lisch as the locals would say. One of Europe’s largest archipelagos is situated right outside our city boarder.


We wanted to create something pure, where we mix the entrepreneurial spirit of our town, together with our unique surroundings. We thought long and hard about what type of product we could do. We decided to capture the essence of our city, bottle it and serve it as a vodka.

the wheat

Our surroundings, the archipelago, the nature and all its elements, put their own unique touch to our vodka.


The vodka is made from autumn wheat, produced by local farmers right outside Lidköping, as it has been for several hundred years.

The spirit is blended with a mix of water from lake Vänern and a natural spring located in the hills outside town.


The water from the natural spring takes almost a hundred years to reach the city. It runs through a mix of sand and stone, leaving an unforgettable mark to the taste.

the water

the result

The result is a premium vodka with a unique, smooth and long-lasting taste. The mix of local water together with high-quality spirit creates a unique blend, one that our town can be proud of.